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The S.S. “Bruce” Arrives

At 5:30 this morning the new steamer ‘Bruce,” Capt. Delaney, arrived and has been the centre of attraction to-day, everyone being anxious to bid “boys” welcome, and congratulate them upon their ship. She has had a stormy passage since, leaving the Clyde at 7.30 a.m. Wednesday last. The first two days were fair, but Friday a change came and by the following morning it was blowing a perfect hurricane with a head sea that tested the qualities of the little yacht. Sunday, with a W.N.W tornado, accompanied by rain squalls, fierce seas broke over her and the decks were flooded fore and aft, and very little progress was made, as fearing the strain her engines were kept at slow speed and this continued all Monday, the ship proving her good qualities in the storm. It was not till noon yesterday that full speed could be obtained, and all were glad to reach port. She brought a small parcel of mail and little freight. Her passengers were Mr. H.D. Reid, Mrs. Reid, child and nurse, Miss Clift, A.D. Brown, Mrs. Delaney. She is discharging her freight at the Coastal wharf to-day.

The Evening Herald

October 13, 1897