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From Reid Newfoundland & Co. Neptune

Where handed in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Received Date 30/11/1912 Saturday

Delay completion eight ninety eight will be serious inconvenience and loss hope you are making sure nine hundred six will be delivered on sum time.



Saturday 30th November, 1912

Messrs. The Reid Newfoundland Company, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Dear Sirs,

This morning we have your cable informing us that delay in the completion of No. 898 will cause serious inconvenience and loss, and that you hope we are making sure that No. 906 will be delivered to time.

Much as we regret the inconvenience and loss caused you, we can only repeat what we stated in our letter of the 16th October to your President, namely, that it is quite out of our power to do more than we are doing, and you will almost certainly have to count upon some delay beyond the original contract dates. The original contract date for No. 898 is the 31st January 1913 delivered here, and we are not without hopes of completing the vessel within two or three weeks of that date.

In more than one of our letters to you during the last few months, we have explained the difficult conditions under which shipbuilding is at present being carried on;


Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives