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Captain Harry (Henry W.) Stone, mariner, marine inspector, and harbour master, was born at Monroe, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland in 1914. He married Ethel Eileen Hewitt of Halifax, Nova Scotia. They have two children.Captain Harry Stone looking over St. John's Harbour
Stone went to sea at the age of 14, initially employed as a deck hand on a schooner. He commanded two home trading vessels before earning his mate's coastwise certificate. Stone took his master's home trade certificate in order to join the navy in 1941, and worked with the Atlantic Convoy as head officer on a fleetsweeper. Following 1943, he was stationed overseas on a minesweeper in the English Channel and the Irish Sea.
After the war, Stone received his first mate's foreign going certificate and made frequent voyages to the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic. In 1957 he accepted employment with the federal Department of Transport in St. John's as a tackle inspector on cargo ships. In 1960 he was appointed St. John's harbour master, a position he retained until his retirement in 1979.

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Captain Harry Stone

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