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Throughout this section you will view images of the Clarenville Dockyard in its early years and the construction of various wooden vessels.     These images were taken from the Basil Fearn fond in the Maritime History Archives at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. 
   Basil Fearn (1913-1992), businessman and shipbuilder, was born in 1913 at Harbour Buffett, Placentia Bay, son of Alice (Tulk) and Percy Fearn. He married Alice Moores, Wesleyville. They had four daughters: Janet, Judy, Susan and Cathy. Fearn died in 1992.
   When Fearn was four years old, his family relocated to St. John's where his father
opened a furniture business. Fearn was educated at Memorial University of Newfoundland. When he left university he managed his father's business in St. John's. In the late 1940s he established Basil Fearn Limited, a marine engine and equipment business, in St. John's.
   In 1947, in cooperation with fish merchant Spencer Lake, Fearn purchased the Clarenville Shipyard. The shipyard built a wide variety of vessels, including schooners, longliners, yachts and trap boats.

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Clarenville Shipbuilding

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