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Winterton Boat Building

   Winterton has a long tradition in boat building, namely smaller boats such as the traditional Newfoundland motor boat.  Although known for their smaller vessels, a small number of schooners were also built at Winterton. These were used mainly for the coastal transportation of goods and fish, as well as fishing off the Labrador coast.
   There is clear evidence that boat builders learned and remembered mental pictures of hull shapes. They could go into the woods and without actual patterns, find and cut trees that matched the hull shape for different parts of the boat. This practice continues to the present in Winterton.
   The boat builders of Winterton today have inherited an ancient and fragile tradition which has been handed down by word of mouth, example and practice, from generation to generation, for at least four hundred years. A gap of only two generations could see it lost forever
   In this section you will view some archival photos as well as photos that will show the process of building a traditional motor boat.  This section also contains a Flash application that will show the process of building a boat by mould.

Winterton Boat building

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